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Milan Opening Floral Stand 米兰开张花篮 9


Milan Opening Floral Stand 米兰开张花篮


米兰的开张花篮,送的不仅仅是送花人的心意和满满祝福,还有我们的用心制作,精心设计及配色,花艺匠心 把最好的花艺献给你?
? 询问详情:
Milan New Design Opening Ceremony Floral Stand??
#MilanOpeningFloralStand #米兰开张花礼
好朋友,家人或是生意来往的伙伴 新店开张开分行 送上一个米兰开张花篮 ✨ 祝福对方 创业顺利 生意旺旺!❤️ 贵客盈门✨ Heng! Ong! Huat!!


米兰花屋 Milan Florist
 016-7677027/ 014-6087027 /016-7704487

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Milan Opening Floral Stand 米兰 开张花篮 

Opening Floral Stand design from Milan Florist

after place order of Opening Floral Stand please do not hesitate to contact us 016-7677027/ 016-7704487 thank you.

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special gift for shop opening flower

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Additional information

Flower Color

Red, Blue, White, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange

Wrapping Color

Red, Pink, White, Silver, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Gold, Grey


Original Size As Picture (跟回照片), Double Size (双倍), Triple Size (三倍)


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